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Abdullah has a bad dream

Abdullah has a bad dream

[by Nur al Islaam]

Aisha and Abdullah are getting ready for bed. They have put on their pyamas. Mother is walking up the stairs and asks if they have brushed their teeth already. "No, i don't want to brush my teeth", says Aisha, "i don't like this toothpaste, i want the pink one!"

Mother says it's too late to get the pink toothpaste, so she'll just have to use the white one. "Yellah, Aisha, go brush your teeth", says Mother. Aisha makes a face but she does what Mother tells her. "What about you Abdullah, have you brushed your teeth yet?" asks Mother. "Pfff...ofcourse, i'm not like Aisha, i'm a big boy!" says Abdullah. Mother smiles and she tucks Abdullah into bed. Aisha is ready now too and she jumps in her bed and says Dua. Mother starts to read them a story but before she finishes, they have both fallen asleep! When you play all day long you can get very tired!

In the middle of the night Abdullah wakes up from a bad dream...the room is dark and only the light from the moon shines through the window. In his dream there were monsters chasing him and now he can't see in the dark! He's afraid but he doesn't want anybody to know...after all he's a big boy now and he is always telling Aisha that too! His heart is beating very fast though...he wonders if a monster will come into his room and attack him. Should he wake up Aisha? No, she'll laugh at him,he thinks. He lays in bed very quiet and doesn't move a muscle. Maybe the monsters won't notice him if he doesn't move, he thinks. For a long time Abdullah just lays there, thinking of how to protect himself and Aisha because he doesnt want her to get hurt either. The dream seemed so real! As time goes by Abdullah gets very tired and eventually he falls asleep.

When Mother comes to wake them in the morning, Abdullah doesn't want to wake up, he is still tired. But he has to go to school. "Hurry up! School starts soon!" says Aisha while she shakes him. Abdullah is no longer scared because it is no longer dark and he just wants to sleep. "Abdullaaaaaaaaaaaah!" screams Aisha. "Ok, ok ok!!! I am coming, just 5 more minutes" mumbles Abdullah. Aisha is already dressed for school and she goes to the kitchen to have breakfast. She tells Mother that Abdullah doesn't want to wake up. Mother goes upstairs and tells Abdullah to get ready. Slowly Abdullah gets out of bed and starts to get ready. "Abdullah, are you ok honey? Do you feel sick?" Mother asks concerned. "No, i am ok, i am a big boy", says Abdullah with a smile. Mother feels his temperature to see if he has a fever but he doesn't, so she says, "Ok hurry up then, yellah!"

At school Abdullah feels very tired and he can't wait until recess. While the teacher explains the lesson of that day to the children, Abdullah is thinking of walking to the park where nobody can see him and he can just take a nap there for a few minutes! That sounds like a great plan to him.

When the class is over, Aisha is already waiting for him outside on the schoolyard where they play everyday together. She sees him coming outside but instead of walking to her, he is walking passed the schoolyard! "Abdullaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" she screams, but Abdullah doesn't hear her. He is so tired! She decides to see where he is going, this is really very strange!

The park is just around the corner and it is very quiet there in the morning. Abdullah and Aisha are not allowed to go there by themselves. He finds a bench and lays down on it and immediately falls asleep. Aisha didn't walk so fast because she didnt want her brother to see her and now she is standing in the park looking for her brother. Oh! There he is, laying on a bench?? Immediately she thinks that he must be ill, so she runs home to Mother.

Mother is in the kitchen making lunch when she hears Aisha calling her name. "Mamaaaaa, Mamaaaaaa!" Aisha yells. Mother is scared because Aisha should be in school! " She runs to Aisha in the garden and out of breath Aisha tells about Abdullah who is lying on a bench in the park. Mother is scared something happened to Abdullah but when she checked him in the morning he didn't have a fever. She tries to stay calm and get Father out of his office. Together they all go to the park where they find Abdullah snoring on a bench. My! what a noise he an elephant! They look at eachother and wonder what is going on. "Abdullah", says mother softly while she shakes him. Slowly Abdullah opens his eyes....oh! I must have been sleeping for a long time, he thinks. What is Mother, Father and Aisha doing here?? "What happened Abdullah, why are you here?" asks Father. Abdullah's face turns all red, he's too shy to tell them about the monsters. "Come on son, what is it?" asks Father again. Abdullah shakes his head, he doesn't want to tell. "I am a big boy", he says. "Yes, we all know you're a big boy", says Mother, "but what are you doing here, we were all very worried!"

Abdullah is still very shy but he knows he can't keep it a secret. Softly he tells them about his bad dream and that there were monsters in his room last night and he had stay awake otherwise the monsters would get him. "Oh Abdullah!" says Father, "there are no monsters, it was just a bad dream son, and you know what? I know exactly what you should do when you have a bad dream!" Abdullah looks up at his Father. "Do you know who is the best Helper? It is Allah....Allah made you son, and He is always there for you, sometimes things happen in our life that we don't like and sometimes it is something scary like the bad dream you had but Alhamdulillah the dream isn't real and there aren't any monsters in your when things like that happens you have to ask Allah for help to protect you. I am going to teach you a Dua that you should say when you have a bad dream:

A'udhu Bikalimatil-lahittammati min ghadabihi wa'iqabihi washarri ibadihi wa min hamazatish-shayateen wa'an yahdoroon

it means:

I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah, from His displeasure and punishment and from evil people, and from the [evil] promptings of devils and from their presence.

"Learn this Dua and Allah will take the bad feelings away from you when you have a bad dream next time, even big boys have to ask Allah for help and all help comes from Allah" says Father. Abdullah smiles, he is happy now that he knows this, he will surely learn the Dua and he'll sleep good again because he knows that there are no real monsters in his room and even if he does have a bad dream then he can just ask Allah for help! Subhanallah!


Before Sleeping: It is Sunnah to join both hands, read the last three Surahs of the Qu’ran (Qul-Huwallah, Qul-A’udhu Bi Rabbil Falaq, Qul-A’udhu Bi Rabbin Nas) then blow on both hands and wipe the hands all over the body (starting from the face and front of the body). This should be done three times. (Bukhari)

Dua: Bismika Rabbi wadatu janbi wabika arfa'uh fa'in amsakta nafsi faghfir laha wa'in arsaltaha fahfazha bima tahfazo bihi ibadakas-salihin


In Your Name, O Lord, I lay my side[to sleep] and by [Your leave] I raise it up, so if You take away my soul [during sleep] forgive it, and if You send it back [after sleep] protect it even as You protect Your pious servants.