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Abdullah and Aisha

Abdullah and Aisha

[by Nur al Islaam]


"Abdullaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh", yells Aisha.

Abdullah turns arounds and looks at Aisha who is running to him. He is playing soccer with his friends.

"What is it Aisha?" he asks.

"Will you play with me?" she says.

"Not now Aisha, i am playing soccer with my friends, maybe later, ok?" says Abdullah.

Aisha looks sad, she loves her brother so much and she likes to play with him. They always have fun together.

But right now he is busy playing with his friends. She sits down on the grass and watches her brother play soccer. She doesn't like to play soccer so she waits for Abdullah to finish. The sun shines bright and it is very hot today.

Aisha wants to go to the lake and swim, it is much too hot for running she thinks....but Abdullah is having so much fun, he just keeps running and running....and running! He screams everytime he makes a goal and is happy.

"Abdullaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Aisha yells again. He turns around and sees the sad face of Aisha, he knows how much she loves to go to the lake. He feels bad that he kept her waiting so long, so he tells his friends he'll come play with them again the next day.

"Come on Aisha, let's go to the lake!" he says.

Aisha jumps up and smiles. "Let's race eachother to the lake!"she says and she starts running. They both run so fast but Aisha gets there first. She laughs and says, "I won! I won! I won!"

"Buh!" says Abdullah, "you only won because i have been playing soccer and you haven't!"

"Suuuurrrreee!" says Aisha to tease her brother but she's still happy she won. "Let's eat and drink something first" she says and she opens her bag and gets out a blanket for them to sit on. She hands Abdullah his favorite blue cup and pours some juice in it. "Bismillah" says Abdullah before he starts drinking. "Mmmmm....Alhamdulillah, that tastes good! Have some too Aisha", he says.

While they are sitting on the blanket by the lake, they look at all the nature around them. The blue sky, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the ducks in the lake...Masha Allah how beautiful!

"Hey Abdullah, did you know that everything on earth worships Allah?" says Aisha. "Yes", says Abdullah, we learned it in school last week. Everything worships Allah, the teacher said that eventhough we can't see it, everything glorifies Allah in its own way."

Then he gets up and walks to a tree where he sees a snail slowly sliding up the tree. "Come here Aisha and look at this snail, look how cute it is!" They both look at the snail for a while before they go swimming in the lake. Alhamdulillah, the water is so cool and they have so much fun together. Allah made the world so beautiful for the people, there are many things for them to look at and enjoy.....look around you and you will see many things to be thankful for!

"Do you not see that Allah is He, Whom obeys whoever is in the heavens and whoever is in the earth, and the sun and the moon and the stars, and the mountains and the trees..." [Surah Al-Hajj:18]