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What is Sabr?
[by Nur al Islaam]
Sabr means Patience in English
it means
Controlling the nafs[your soul] when things happen that you don't like
For Example,
When your mom tells you to eat your vegetables wich you don't like at have to be patient and eat them. You may not like them but they are good for you!
When you're in school and you don't want to be there....what you really want to do is play with your have to be patient and wait till school is over! Learn good in school and become a smart Muslim!
When you want to watch your favorite program on tv but your brother or sister is already watching another have to be patient and wait your turn! We can't think only about ourselves but also of others!
What do we get when we have Sabr?
The Qur'an says:
And We will certainly bestow, on those who patiently persevere, their reward according to the best of their actions.  [Surah An-Nahl:96]
This means that the more patient we are, the higher our reward from Allah will be! So try your best!